Video Surveillance Systems
Proven Benefits of Surveillance Equipment

  • • Individual/Group Protection
  • • Protection of Assets, reducing costs associated with a loss
  • • Promotes a safe working environment
  • • Deterrent
  • • Crime Prevention Tool
  • • Ease of Monitoring
  • • Evidentiary Purposes
  • • Means of Communication
Video Surveillance Installations

By definition Surveillance means “careful watch”. Video surveillance relates to a digital means to capture, record, store, extract and compress video data from/into one solution.

All environments must maintain a “careful watch” to provide a required layer of protection in the implementation of their security mechanisms. We believe the key principles of video surveillance include:

  • ✔ Replacement of antiquated systems with technically advanced products
  • ✔ Regularly maintained and functioning Recorders/Cameras
  • ✔ Strategically positioned cameras
  • ✔ Correct type of camera such as: usage, lens, motorized
  • ✔ Motion Sensored Triggers
  • ✔ Sufficient Hard Drivesg
  • ✔ User friendly software
  • ✔ Expandability

We pride ourselves on the ability to provide each client with a video surveillance solution specific to their needs. One question will always exist in that of how may cameras does one property require and our answer is simple:

“Our team will provide you with the best solution to cover the most vulnerable/critical areas. We will not oversell our clients as we recognize the potential for camera placement is unlimited. Rather, our goal is to provide you with video surveillance coverage that meets your demand. Future expansion of video surveillance is always optional as required”.