I have had the pleasure of working with WPSL Security Solutions for the past four years at the residential condominium property I oversee, where they provide security guard services.

Their services are professional, and the management team is excellent in dealing with any situation and resolving matters. We always have to direct us to the team and their hands on approach is highly evident in the day to day operation of the services provided.

I would highly recommend WPSL Security Solutions to any condominium corporation.



I have worked with WPSL since 2014, and I can always recommend this organization for many reasons.

As property manager, I always look for:

Customer Service - WPSL is Excellent

Detailed Reporting System - Their web based reporting system is an excellent web application

Manpower - No change of the personnel at this site in the last three years. In emergency situation, we have supplementary personnel within two hours.

Rule Enforcement - Excellent implementation done with courtesty and professionalism



I had the privilege of working with the WPSL Security Solution staff at an event I organized with over 750 attendees. Their team was professional, courteous, knowledgeable and very informative, ensuring the safety of attendees was the priority. I would highly recommend the WPSL team for your event needs.


Gala Organizer