Frequently Asked Questions

What is our Guard One Service?

Our “GuardOne” service is unique to WPSL Security Solutions. Through this solution we are able to encompass a fully integrated service, that differentiates us from other providers at cost effective fees.

What licencing and training do our Security Guards possess?

Our Security Guards are licenced through the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, in accordance with the PSISA, 2005, completing all training and testing mandates. Our team members are trained to promote friendly, professional and effective security services for each client.

All security guards posses the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct themselves in a professional and effective manner. They receive the necessary support and training to ensure that each client receives the highest level service. These areas include:

  • Level C First Aid/CPR
  • The PSISA, 2005
  • Standard Security Practices
  • Report Writing
  • Health & Safety
  • Emergency Response
  • Legal Authorities
  • Communication Skills
  • Trespass to Property Act
  • Areas of the Criminal Code and Provincial Acts

Why utilize Private Parking Enforcement services?

Parking Enforcement concerns continue to escalate with an increase in the number of violators parking on private property. Whether it is a residential, commercial or industrial property, parking should only be confined to those legally authorized on the site. In order to combat violators, consistent and diligent parking enforcement is required.

Due to financial constraints Cities and Towns often may not respond regularly for parking enforcement on private property.

What is our Reporting Software Solution?

As a web based solution, S.T.R.O.M. is a condominium software that addresses the necessity of real time accurate reporting, tracking and control mechanisms that will assist security guards, property managers, and residents. As a security guard provider our collaboration has resulted in this unique solution that is based on 30 years of first hand practical knowledge. Unlike other market options, we are proud to state that S.T.R.O.M. Software is a solution developed "by security professionals for industry professionals".

Traditionally, security reporting/tracking has been performed using the simplicity of pen/paper. This method continues to produce a wide variety of issues, which clearly reflects in poor methods, practices, inaccurate, misplaced and confusion in reporting/tracking. S.T.R.O.M. Software will increase reporting accuracy, efficiency, integrity and controls a variety of items such as parking, keys, parcels, in addition to enhancing internal communication for security guards and property managers.

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