Access Control Systems
The Front Line of Security - Our World has changed

Globally and locally we must recognize the dynamics and complexity of security concerns we encounter on a daily basis. Developers, Builders, Managers, Executives and other professionals are those responsible for identifying and implementing the necessary safety/security mechanisms in the diverse environments they oversee.

Proven Benefits of Acess Control

  • • Easily activate or de-activate any user (new, lost or misplaced instantly rectified)
  • • Restrict access times and point
  • • Track access of users
  • • Log all activity
  • • Ease of access using key fob or card, no need to fumble for keys
  • • Instant Access
  • • Remotely provide access or update levels of access
  • • Replacement fobs and/or cards are less expensive than actual lock and key costs. Remember, one lost key requires the entire lock system to be replaced
  • • Accessible data for access studies
  • • Reliability
WPSL Integrated Solutions Keeping You Protected – Mircom Product Line

  • ✔ Access Controllers
  • ✔ Fobs/Card readers/Keypad
  • ✔ Intercoms – Two Way Voice Communication
  • ✔ Accessible Door Openers
  • ✔ Emergency Stations

WPSL Security Solutions is pleased to announce our dealer relationship with Mircom, the largest manufacturer of Access Control systems. Through these relations we are able to provide the highest level of access control products and service throughout the GTA.

Whether you require an upgrade or new retrofit, the Mircom product line will meet your needs to the highest expectations in the area of Access Control & Intercom systems.

Mircom is the leader of access control platforms and product lines. The TX3 platform is unique in that of network and communication loss, each card reader will remain active as each is independent of the other.

Programming is extremely user friendly through the Mircom TX3 software platform. Changes are easily made for individuals or groups with simply one click actions.

The quality, functionality and reliability of the Mircom product line is by far unparallel. Our team of highly respected and experienced technicians provide professional installation and support of all Mircom products.